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Tuesday, 11 March


Institut Pasteur de Montevideo


Introductory Lectures to the Field of Cell Stress, Heat Shock Proteins and Chaperones


Wolfgang Schummann

Cell Stress in Microorganisms


Coffee break


Cristina Bonorino

Heat Shock Proteins on the Immune Response


Antonio De Maio

Extracellular Heat Shock Proteins and Transport


Students' question time


Lunch break / free time and optional lab tours for visiting professors


Facultad de Ciencias, UdelaR, Montevideo


Introductory Lectures to the Field of HSPs and Cell Stress on Medicine


Ian Brown

Heat Shock Proteins and the Brain


Rafael Radi

Oxidative Cell Stress


Coffee break


Daniel Ciocca

Heat Shock Proteins in Cancer


Celia Quijano

Senescence: a cellular response to stress


Students' question time

Wednesday, 12 March


Ballroom Hotel Sheraton Montevideo




Opening of the First South American Conference on Cell Stress and HSPs

María Bausero (President of the South American Chapter of the CSSI, Conference Chair)

Welcome to Montevideo 2014

Larry Hightower (CSSI Founder, Past President, Treasurer )

CSSI Historical Perspective

Antonio de Maio (CSSI Ambassador to South America)

New Transformations: Why did we go to South America?


Coffee break


Cellular responses to oxidative stress

Chairs: Lucia Piacenza and Celia Quijano

Maria Clara Franco

Role of Nitrated Hsp90 in the regulation of mitochondrial metabolism

Carlos Robello

Early Trypanosoma cruzi infection reprograms human cells

Andrés Trostchansky

Beneficial effects of nitro-fatty acids in ALS mice through activation of the Nrf2/ARE pathway

Florencia Arredondo

Study of Nrf2-dependent modulation of cellular defenses as a putative mechanism involved in quercetin neuroprotection


Lunch break / free time


Cell Stress in Plants

Chair: Sabina Vidal

Overview: Robert Tanguay

Heat Shock Protein on ageing

Lorenzo Lamattina

Abscisic Acid (ABA) and Nitric oxide (NO): Two critical partners in the cell responses to UV-B

Estela Valle

Small heat shock proteins and the cold stress response in tomato fruit

Eduardo Ceccarelli

The complex world of the chloroplast Clp system

Sabina Vidal

Physcomitrella patens: a model for understanding gene function and abiotic stress tolerance in plants


Coffee break


Cell Stress and Chaperones

Chair: Mario Galigniana

Overview: Harm Kampinga

Chaperones and protein folding diseases

Alejandra Erlejman

NF-κB is modulated by FK506-binding proteins FKBP51 and FKBP52 in an opposite manner

Mario Galigniana

Relevance of binding stoiquiometry of TPR-domain co-chaperones to Hsp90 in the regulation of biological processes of the cell

Carlos Ramos

A hypothetical human protein involved in the acquisition of thermotolerance

Graciela Piwien

The chaperone FKBP51 participates in the reorganization of the nuclear lamina and the control of gene expression during the process of adipocyte differentiation


Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing

Thursday, 13 March


Ballroom Hotel Sheraton Montevideo


Cell Stress and Cancer

Chairs: María Bausero and Daniel Ciocca

Overview: Gabriella Santoro

Heat shock factors in inflammation and cancer

Silvina Nadin

Participation of heat shock proteins in DNA repair

Niubys De Los Milagros Cayado Gutiérrez

Role of HSPB1 phosphorylation on PTEN and proteins related to breast cancer progression: Preliminary results,

Juan Iovanna

The stress protein Nupr1 switches senescence to transformation induced by oncogenes

Vanesa Gottifredi

The interaction of different tolerance pathways at elongating DNA replication forks after UV irradiation


Coffee break


Cell Stress and Neurosciences

Chair: Hugo Peluffo

Ian Brown

Heat shock proteins in cultured human neuronal cells

Vilma Martins

The role of exossomal secreted Stress Inducible protein 1 in protection against injury

Alvaro Estevez

Nitration of Hsp90 triggers motor neuron apoptosis

Claudio Hetz

Contribution of the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) to neurodegenerative disease

Patricia Cassina

A role for mitochondria in astrocyte-mediated toxicity


Lunch break / free time


Cell Stress and Infectious Diseases

Chair: Mariana Boiani

Bertha Espinoza

The 16 kDa small heat shock protein of Trypanosoma cruzi. Its role in different types of stress

Mariana Boiani

Reduced BAG3 expression during T. cruzi infection may modulate cardiomyocyte apoptosis

Iara Linhares

Heat Shock Proteins and female reproductive tract infections


Coffee break


Cell Stress and Immunology

Chair: Cristina Bonorino

Alfonso Barreto

Rotavirus infection of intestinal epithelial cells release heat shock proteins and extracellular vesicles

Alexander Barbuto

Tumor affects p38 and ERK 1/2 MAP-kinase pathways during monocytes' differentiation into dendritic cells

Thiago Borges

Innate immunosuppressive mechanisms of mycobacterial Hsp70 in transplant


Congress Social Evening

Friday, 14 March


Ballroom Hotel Sheraton Montevideo


Cell Stress and Translational Research

Chair: Alexzander Asea

Overview: John Williams

Extracellular Hsps

Edward O'Brien

Extracellular Heat Shock Protein 27 Attenuates the Development of Atherosclerosis Via Novel Signalling Mechanisms

Juan Claudio Benech

Diabetes increases stiffness of live cardiomyocytes measured by atomic force microscopy nanoindentation. Effect of resveratrol

María Bausero

Cell Stress Quality control for the use of SPIONs as nanovectors for cancer treatment


Coffee break


Poster Award presentation

Chair: Larry Hightower


Closing Remarks


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