Organizing Committee

María Bausero, Chair

Eugenia Calvette Hareau, Secretary

Mariana Boiani

Cristina Bonorino

Antonio De Maio

Mariel Flores

Larry Hightower

Natalia Oddone

Graham Pockley
(United Kingdom)

Ana Zambrana


Scientific Committee

María Bausero, Chair

Juan Claudio Benech

Mariana Boiani

Daniel Ciocca

Hugo Peluffo

Rafael Radi

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Presentation awardees

The organisers have selected the following participants for a 15-minute presentation during the Poster Award session planned for Friday, 14 March:

Jéssica F. Araujo
Mayra L. Sottile
Josielle Abrahão
Thiago V. Seraphim

Congratulations to the awardees and thank you to all the candidates for participating.


We would like to welcome you to the First Conference of the South America Chapter of CSSI, which is to be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay (11-14 March 2014).

The South American Chapter was recently created due to the exponential increase of research in the field of Heat Shock Proteins and Cell Stress in Latin America. This First Conference of the South America Chapter of CSSI is thus an historical occasion, not to be missed!

The event will initiate at two prestigious Uruguayan research institutions, the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo and the Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, with introductory lectures in the field of Heat Shock Proteins and Cell Stress, to then move to the Sheraton Montevideo Hotel for the last three days.

The conference focuses on Cell Stress and HSPs and aims to foster intense collaboration between specialists in this area. At the same time, it offers the younger generation of South American scientists an excellent opportunity to meet locally some of current top experts from across the globe. The topics covered are:

  • Heat Shock Proteins and Immune Regulation
  • Heat Shock Proteins and Cancer
  • Cellular Stress in Plants
  • Cellular Stress in Infectious Diseases
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Heat Shock Proteins and Neurosciences
  • Cell Stress and Translational Research

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Alexander Barbuto, Brazil
  • Alfonso Barreto, Colombia
  • María Bausero, Uruguay
  • Mariana Boiani, Uruguay
  • Cristina Bonorino, Brazil
  • Thiago Borges, Brazil
  • Nelson Brasesco, Uruguay
  • Ian Brown, Canada
  • Eduardo Ceccarelli, Argentina
  • Daniel Ciocca, Argentina
  • Antonio De Maio, USA
  • Estela Del Valle, Argentina
  • Alejandra Erlejman, Argentina
  • Bertha Espinoza, Mexico
  • Alvaro Estevez, USA
  • Susana Fiorentino, Colombia
  • Mario Galigniana, Argentina
  • Larry Hightower, USA
  • Harm Kampinga, Netherlands
  • Lorenzo Lamattina, Argentina
  • Celia Quijano, Uruguay
  • Rafael Radi, Uruguay
  • Robert Tanguay, Canada
  • Elizabeth Valdivieso, Venezuela
  • Sabina Vidal, Uruguay

In addition to invited speakers, the final programme will include oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts. Poster sessions will provide additional opportunities to present your research.

Registrations and abstract submissions are open from Monday, 4 November 2013 to Friday, 14 February 2014.

We look forward to welcoming you to Montevideo in 2014!

Dr. María Bausero Email
Conference Organiser and Chair

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A brief introduction
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Early bird
31 December 2013

1 March 2014

Abstract submission:
14 February 2014


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